Inge Hyrup Rosenberg has a background as designer, and has worked in the textile industry as a designer and business developer for many years. Furthermore, Inge has successfully driven her own retail shops for years. Inge was the founder and CEO for 2B International when the company started its production of chairs back in 1998. She has successfully designed and developed many of 2B’s     products, and has a great part in the success of the company.



Bénédicte Maitre & Jean-Marie, founders of the agency maitre & lemesle, explore wide-ranging fields of creativity: furniture and three dimensional design, architecture and interior design, scenography and signage...  Founded in Geneva in 1998 and subsequently in Paris in 2008, the agency, together with a multidisciplinary and complimentary design team, responds with enthusiasm and creativity to the most diverse challenges: a teapot? a lakeshore house? a chair or sofa? a restaurant? a global design concept for a hotel?... Passionate about these challenges and forms of expression, we develop close, symbiotic relationships with our clients, across innovative and creative projects where realism and viability are the undeniable keywords. Reveal the qualities of a living space rethink and reimagine a workspace, volumes, color, lighting and materials...  Or imagine objects with meaning and value that create a dialogue between traditional know-how and new forms of utilization, between innovation and comfort, between technology and emotion - these are the fundamentals of our work.We are receptive to the needs and wishes of our clients. We bring a critical and constructive vision to facilitate an open and intelligent dialog, which leads to exceptional results up to and beyond the expectations of all parties concerned.