2B International has established a close corporation with Resopal for using high pressure laminates on our chairs.

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To avoid damages in hard use situations, and to minimize damages in the surface and edges,we can offer all most all our chairs with a 0,6 mm very strong Resopal laminate in black or white.For the ANNI, SOLO und BUTTERFLY chairs this is already offered as standard.Our other models can be delivered with Resopal laminate from 30 pieces. Furthermore the Resopal collection offers 120 plain laminate colors, 36 laminate wood grains, of which we on customer demand offer on our chair models. The Resopal surface offers a very high impact resistance, avoiding damages when the chairs are pushed in to for example a hard table edge. The Resopal laminate is applied as a part of the manufactoring process and is therefore an integrated part of the seat shell. Resopal laminate is further more very easy to clean and maintain, and are resistent to bacterias. It looks very nice with its oil treathed wooden edges.